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Procurement + Project Management

The following services are provided to Interior Design studios starting from project conception to project completion: 

+ Scheduled Reports and Calls with Design Team

 + Purchasing Management

+ Budget and Expense Management

+ Billing and Invoice Support

+ Project Tracking and Schedule Management

+ Vendor Correspondence and Communication

+ Delivery and Installation Coordination

DORSAcorp Project Manifest: Provide a comprehensive project booklet consisting of project orders, expenses and deliverables upon completion of project 

North Avenida Caballeros Renovation

Palm Springs, CA

Status: Competed 2023

Dorsa expertly managed the full renovation of a stunning townhouse in Palm Springs, CA, resulting in a breathtaking Mod Med inspired vacation home. Together with Sogol Décor, the team selected all the finishes and furnishings to create a cohesive and luxurious atmosphere. With close coordination between the designer, architect, contractors, and clients, Dorsa ensured a smooth project delivery. The impressive transformation of the space is a testament to Dorsa's attention to detail and expertise in project management. 

Fashion Boutique Hotel Renovation 

Miami Beach, FL

Status: Completed 2023

As the project manager, Dorsa successfully oversaw the renovation of a 46-room boutique hotel located in the heart of South Beach's Entertainment District in collaboration with Sogol Décor. Her expertise in project tracking, scheduling, budgeting, and client/vendor communication was instrumental in ensuring the project's success, all while maintaining the hotel's active operations during the renovation process. ​

Hillyer Place Penthouse Renovation

Washington, DC

Status: Completed 2021

As Sogol Décor's procurement and project manager, Dorsa oversaw the design and build of a stunning three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath penthouse in Washington D.C. Dorsa's involvement began during the sub-floor phase of the development, where she worked closely with the developer to re-work the floor plan and specify architectural details and materials based on the clients needs.

Throughout the project, Dorsa managed all furniture and finish orders and installations for Sogol Décor, coordinating carefully with the developer and contractors to ensure smooth progress during the pandemic. The finished home features unique custom furniture from Europe and one-of-a-kind finishes, creating a truly exceptional living space.​

Laverock Place Renovation

Washington, DC

Status: Completed 2020

Dorsa played a crucial role as project manager in this interior design project that involved transforming a home into a sanctuary in Washington DC's Palisades neighborhood. The client engaged Sogol Décor to realize their vision for the space, and Dorsa worked closely with the design team to ensure the project was completed within budget and on time.

Dorsa oversaw the renovation process, which included the removal of several interior walls to create an open floor layout, as well as the installation of modern cable railings. Dorsa managed the procurement of custom furnishings from top Italian and European manufacturers, including unique pieces sourced during Sogol and Dorsa's annual visit to the Maison et Objet trade show in Paris.

In addition to contract management, budgeting, purchasing, and scheduling, Dorsa coordinated with a diverse range of specialists and contractors to ensure the project ran smoothly and aligned with the client's desires.

19th Street NW Penthouse Renovation

Washington, DC 

Status: Under Construction 2023

Dorsa collaborated with Sogol Décor to oversee the procurement and project management of a historic DC property, including a gut renovation of the owner's 2-floor penthouse apartment and three rental units. Dorsa's exceptional organization and task management skills were essential to the successful and timely completion of this multifaceted project. Final photos will be available soon.

Dumbarton Street Interiors

Washington, DC

Status: Under Construction 2023

Dorsa and Sogol Décor were tasked with combining two distinct spaces, The Hillyer Penthouse and Downey Road Home, into this one unique home on Dumbarton Street. Dorsa collaborated with the designer and homeowners on move and storage logistics, as well as procurement of several new furnishings needed to create this cohesive space.


Final photos will be available soon.

Downey Street Interiors

San Francisco, CA

Status: Completed 2018

Dorsa served as the managing director for Sogol Décor's interior design project of a historic Edwardian San Francisco home, with the client's goal of restoring the home's original charm. The project included restoring the intricate woodwork throughout the 3-story home with the help of restoration specialists and craftsmen. Additionally, Dorsa collaborated with the designer in reupholstering selected antique furniture from the client's personal collection to give it a modern and elegant look. Dorsa's responsibilities included cost management, vendor coordination, product procurement, and scheduling for this unique West Coast project.​​

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